How to Select the Best Domain Name Registrar?

Trying to find the best domain registrar isn’t an easy task. Apart from price and support considerations, who you choose also depends on the range of top level domains offered as well as what add-on services, like DNS, email, web hosting, URL forwarding, etc. you are likely to need.

Of course cost is an important factor, but price is of little value if the registrar’s systems are insecure or if their support is slow, unhelpful, …or both!

Generally I recommend sticking with one of the Top-20 biggest domain registrars. The biggest registrars are the ones looking after the largest number of domain names for their customers.

My reasoning is similar to my preference for selecting a crowded restaurant in a town I’ve never visited before. The volume of existing customers is usually a good guide.

A useful place to find the most popular domain registrars is Registrar Stats. This is the site the domain name pros follow and it reports domain name registration statistics on a day by day basis.

There you will see mention of one of the world’s leading ICANN accredited registrars, Dotster. They have registered more than 1 million domain names and they’re known for good value, innovative technologies and, in my estimation, excellent support.

New domain registrations at Dotster start at $14.95 per year and transfers are just $8.95. Web hosting plans range from just $8.95/month to $34.95/month and E-mail packages start at $19.95/year. They also offer a unique expired domain capture system.

Follow this link to visit Dotster now.