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Donald asks…

What are the Yahoo inbound and outbound Email addresses to set up outlook (pop and smtp) also both port nmbers?

I have a free yahoo email account. I use Time/Warner (Roadrunner) cable as my ISP. I want to setup Outlook to send and receive thru Yahoo.via Roadrunner and I can’t figure out the correct POP and SMTP addresses and Inbound and Outbound Ports Help!!!!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

Unfortunately, Yahoo wants to charge you for that.

Unlike gmail (which you can pop or imap for free), you need to subscribe to Mail Plus to use a third party mail program.

There used to be a program called ypops.


Unfortunately, yahoo made some changes and it stopped working for a while.

Ypops made some fixes. You can receive mail with the newest version but you cannot send mail. There is no prediction as to when this will be fixed.

So your options are

1) Subscribe to Mail Plus $19.99 / yr http://overview.mail.yahoo.com/enhancements/mailplus

2) Use ypops in its limited capacity.

3) Switch to gmail or GMX where it is free.

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