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Robert asks…

How do I clear the email addresses on my iPhone?

When I begin composing an email on my iPhone, and I start typing in an address, previously emailed addresses pop up. I do not want this to happen. How can I change this or clear the addresses? I can’t figure it out!

admin answers:


•Through SSH, copy AddressBook.sqlitedb file to PC
AddressBook[1.1.4 firmware]

•With SQLite Database Browser,
open AddressBook.sqlitedb

•Switch to Browse Data tab and select
ABRecent from Table dropdown list

•Select the record to delete and press
the Delete Record button at the top right

•Continue deleting as much as you want
and then Save

•Transfer AddressBook.sqlitedb back
to iPhone overwriting original
AddressBook[1.1.4 firmware]

•You may have to reboot iPhone

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