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Susan asks…

Can you register a domain name without starting a website?

I have a great idea for a website, but unfortunately I don’t know how to build the one that I want. I like the name so much that I want to register the name before someone else gets the name. Then when I do start the site I will already have the name registered. But can I do that? And who can I register it with? Who does Yahoo! and Google register their names with I wonder?

admin answers:

Yes, a lot of people own domain names without websites. You just need to go to a registar service that sells them. The biggest player in the game is Network Solutions, but they are usually more expensive. is a great service and has great prices, it is what I register my domains with. When ordering, just make sure you do a DOMAIN REGISTRATION and don’t add any other service (GoDaddy will try to sell you TONS of add-ons). When you are ready to start the website, then you can look into hosting services and the extra services. If you still have trouble online, pickup the phone and call them, they have good sales support. Beware the “up-sales” though.

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