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Mandy asks…

somebody help with Cain https certs?

I have looked endlessly in Google for a tutorial in getting https in Cain, but I have yet to find one.
I am using Cain in Vista and trying to find my https login by,
going into Sniffer, ARP-Cert and right click the certificate file and entering the SSL server/ip.
Now I go into Cain folder and into the sub-folder Certs. Now this is where I get stuck.
Once I am in Cert I install the certificate but according to some sites, it states that The certificate is stored in the Cain folder then HTTPS sub-folder. There is no HTTPS sub-folder in Cains folder. Also how can I view CERT.LST if the type is LST?
Can somebody explain.

admin answers:

I have used cain long back ago maybe 5 years back.I remember very few details in the user interface.
I have successfully sniffed HTTPS logins of gm^il,h^tm^^ail etc.Cain itself downloads the ssl certificate from server and it sends a certificate of its own to the client.The software was lost in my hard if you send me a copy i can explain more specifically……..

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