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Ruth asks…

What is the Best Free Domain?

I am currently using a domain from:
However, the domain name only lasts a year before you have to pay for it.

Due to my age and subsequent inability (and indeed lack of desire) to pay for things online, I am looking for another provider of a free domain name.

I have looked at:
and it seems okey apart from the fact that I don’t think the basic package supports email – tell me what you experience with co.nr is.

Know any other free domain providers?
I don’t mind displaying a small backlink / advert for them but I don’t want popups or for a certain percentage of users to be redirected via adverts, etc

I know about the ICANN and how there is no such thing as a free lunch so don’t write me a lecture please


admin answers:

1. .Co.nr doesnt support email. If you dont get a hit in 30 days they remove you.

Free Domains are hectic. Think of Investing a few $5 and get a .us you can tell your father to help you pay

There are no better free domains than .co.nr and .co.cc. The other is a .co.tk but banners and popups

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