Your Questions About Domain Name Whois Information


Steven asks…

Can I change the first name of a domain registrant?

I accidentily registered a domain in the wrong registrant name.

Is it possible to log in to my hosting company and legally change JUST THE FIRST NAME of the WHOIS information without it messing with the registrant transfer laws?

Ie – i’ve registered it as ben smith instead of john smith , but all the other contact details are correct and don’t need to be changed…


admin answers:

You can only change the registrant’s name (and other Whois info) through the registrar where you registered the domain name. Because you are the owner and are responsible for keeping your Whois information current and accurate, you can change any of the Whois info at any time you wish.

If you purchased the domain through your web host and they did not send you information on how to manage your domain (for renewals, Whois info, DNS settings, etc.), you can do a Whois search (I recommend to find out which registrar has your domain, then contact them for your login info. If that doesn’t help, you will need to contact your web host to get that information.

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