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John asks…

How do I find all web domains given the IP server host address?

I’m trying to obtain a list of web domains that share the same IP server — for free.

Is there a service online or piece of freeware that will do this for me?

An example of what I’m trying to do is the reverse IP whois at

Check out:….

This site provides information on

The piece I’m most interested in duplicating for free is found under the “Domain Tools Exclusive” section called “Reverse IP.” On Yahoo’s profile, it is noted that 35 other sites share this IP. Click on the link brings you to a short list — you have to subscribe to see the full list.

Is this information actually free for anyone to harvest — who provides it, and how can I tap into it?

Again: Looking for free tools only.

Thanks in advance!
tofurama – thanks.

Other site provide this service:
Namely —

SEOTools has something similar:

Ugh – how do these guys do this!

admin answers:

There isn’t a reliable free way to do this for free.

What’s happening, as you suggest, is a reverse DNS lookup. You give an an IP, and it will give you every site registered to that IP.

Problem is, most domains are setup so that people looking for a DOMAIN (usually a web page) can have the system give them an IP so their computer can find it. I had a small server online for a while with one real IP address; should you have done a reverse lookup on that IP, it would have given you the main name for the server. The rest of the domains I setup for virtual hosting; I assigned them the same IP address as the main server and let the web server software figure out what page to hand over. I *never* registered the reverse lookup for those domains.

That said, the main free tool for looking them up is “nslookup.” For instance, type “nslookup ” and it will give you the domain name; do the reverse, and it’ll give you the reverse.

Since what comes up depends on what has been registered in DNS for a reverse lookup, your mileage will seriously vary.

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