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Sandra asks…

Can I get Private Domain Registration or a .org domain?

I want to get a .org domain. Can I keep my registration info private or does it have to be public? Are there any limitations to the use of .org? It’s not my first choice but it is what’s available.

admin answers:

You can keep your .com, .net and .org domain names private, if you choose.

There’s really no limitations in using a .org domain. However, some domain name services might require that you are a U.S. Citizen (by checking a box) and they also might charge you a dollar or so more a year verses the .com and .net fees.

For Private Registration there might be a yearly “private registration” fee ranging from $1.95 for the first year to $7.95 per domain for consecutive years.

If your first choice for a domain name was a .com, and there is already an existing and active website using that name, I would suggest that you try thinking of some other domain name and then if available purchase all 3 top-level extensions.

Lastly, even though private registration hides your personal information from the ‘Whois’ databases, if someone really wants to know who is the registered owner of a domain name, they simply only need to send a letter to domain name service and ask them who owns that domain. The registrar will then reply back to the inquiry listing who the domain belongs to.

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