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Charles asks…

Having a bit of trouble with my website and domain hosts…?

I registered for both under a company called Just Hosting in 2006. Since then, they were bought out by High Flux Hosting, who’re my current hosts

However, I wanted to change some details on my domain, and it turns out they weren’t High Flux, so I did a Whois lookup, and my domain host is apparently Tersum (I’ve never heard of them)

My High Flux Hosting details didn’t work on their site, so I made an account on their support site, and asked them what my login details are – they said my email address wasn’t on record – since then my account on the support site has been deleted, and I can’t re-register (site says Not Allowed) and there are no contact details for Tersum on their site – I don’t know how to access my domain account, can anybody help?

Also, I tried asking High Flux Hosting who my domain host is, but my ticket was closed without reply, annoyingly

Can anybody give me any advice on how to access my domain? After all this I want to switch both to one reliable host.

Oh, my domain is a yearly thing, it expires in December… bit of a wait
Thank you for answering – the only control panel I can access is the HFH one for my webspace – but I can’t do anything about my domain from it, as it’s under a seperate company – I’m trying to unlock the domain so I can move to an English host

And I’d ring them, but I’m English and they’re American – I can’t really afford the phone bills :p

admin answers:

You should phone your host or make more tickets untill you get your answer! (Phoning is the best option.)
You should also be able to control your domain via the control panel of your hosting service.

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