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Lisa asks…

How do I install the SSL certificate that will connect to the LDAP server and hand-shake with that SSL?

Let me explain what I want to accomplish.
I have an ASP.Net app that will authenticate users against the LDAP and also be able to administrate users (add/edit/delete) trough that application.

Now I understand that in order to SetPassword or ChangePasswrod against the LDAP you need a SSL connection or to change the dSHeuristics property in order to accept clearText transactions.

The system admin installed the SSL certificate the root one and he gave it to me to install on my web server machine as well, I did that, installed under Personal Certificates and Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

Before I installed the certificate on the web server I would get the error that the certificate hand-shake couldn’t be established and by installing the cert this error was gone. Need to mention that this was tested using JXplorer java app. I still can’t connect SSL using ldp.exe application.

Is there a problem how I’ve set up the certificates? Can some one help on that?

admin answers:

Yes, there’s a problem with how you set up your certificate. You’re probably also not properly tunneling your request.

Read your documentation.

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