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Carol asks…

A good ecommerce site?

Yeah, I would like to make an online store… But I don’t want to but from just any site that is offering… When I buy it.. i would like these to be of my advantage:

-Fast product loading [including product attributes] I have over 200 items to upload with more then 4 colors and size… I would like to upload all these in less then a week, I would not like to spend days after days trying to upload the products the add the attributes.

– Nice templates… Or It allows me to design my store my self as well as well as making the buttons look fancy. [No limit to my design… I make really go graphics]

– Supply with a domain name

– This ones optional, but can create traffic for me.

-Easy to use

– [optional] chose the type of shopping cart I want

– Allows me to make a web email

Private domain registration

-Pop up free and advertisements free… When i get it I don’t want any advertisements or pop ups… Unless i add them myself.

– And i am not limited to what I do with my page and the types of items I sell.

Anyone one knows any good sites that contain these?

admin answers:

Ebay, Amazon

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