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Richard asks…

What is a catchy domain name to pick for Google’s

I recently registered on I need advice on what website domain name I should come up with.

My blog is not yet set up, but Google says that I can choose a domain name for $10.00 per year. This is waaaaay cheaper than my last web hosting service (through my internet company) that was $19.00 a month. What a rip off that was compared to blogger (which is free if you keep the ” *dot* blogspot ” in the domain title.

My blog will have to do with neurological or mental disabilities and tic disorders (Tourette Syndrome, Autism, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Disease, etc., etc., etc.). It is for raising disability awareness and for having information that people can utilize for online resources.

I have a few questions that I will list so it is easier to read for you all:

(1) Can you help me think of a catchy domain name title?

(2) Where do all these other blogs get the associated press pics of information and stories? I was told flickr and so on, but I’m not sure.

(3) Is it legal to use those stories in case some are copyrighted? (referring to the gossip ones)–> not that I wanna have that type of blog though.

(4) And the last question I can think of is how can I get my blog noticed (since the net is so saturated these days?) Everyone keeps saying SEO efforts, but I don’t know how to do this with or really how SEO works for blogs like that.

Anyways, thanks for the help. Sorry for the long info.


admin answers:

Don’t trust any cheap service, many of them don’t allow you to have full control on your domain name. If you’re going to buy domain names,

is the lowest cost service which is full-featured and really works for you ($9.99 /year). They offer free extras with every domain name:

Quick Blogcast
Hosting with Web site builder
Personalized Email Account
Starter Web Page For Sale/ Parked Page
Domain Parking
Domain Forwarding
Domain Masking
100-Pack Email Forwarding
Total DNS Control
Change of Registration
Status Alerts
Domain Locking

Another useful link:

Good Luck!

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