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Thomas asks…

How do I reserve a domain name which is expiring soon?

There is a domain name that I want which I am sure has been left to expire. so is currently PENDING DELETE in the whois status. I want to ensure i am the first to buy it when it becomes available, can i reserve it with a company to ensure they buy it the second it becomes available before some automated annoying domain bot search snaps it up for easy profit?

admin answers:

You basically have 2 options – you can even try both at the same time:

1. You can back-order it.

Basically you pay a registrar to order it when it becomes available.

However there is no guarantee that you will get it – somebody else can beat them too it.

Your best bet is to backorder with several different companies/services simultaneously. This will maximize your chances.

From what I understand the quality of backordering services varies wildly (some only check hourly or daily or whatever, some check much more frequently), so you might want to ask on one of the major webmaster or domain forums which they recommend. But try several. At the same time.

The downside is that if you don’t get your domain, you probably won’t get your money back (and if you do, the services that didn’t get it will hold on to your money) — in most cases, I think they will however let you apply the money towards a future purchase from them… But check.

2. You can try and get it yourself, either just be registering (you have to be quick and lucky probably), or using some program that checks and tries to register it.

There is a program called “Domain Grabber” (also known as “ENom Expired Domain Name Software”) that checks every second. I think you need a enom reseller account to use it (but I seem to remember that they give you one with the software – you need to check their site for latest info). So you could try that.

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