5 Tips For Successful .COM Transfers Every Time

I’ve talked about domain name transfers before but as I keep on getting asked, here is a quick resumé…

Here are my 5 top tips to get your .COM and .NET domain transferred to your new registrar without tearing your hair out!

1. Email Address. For each transfer request the new registrar you have selected must, for security reasons, email the domain’s current admin contact for authorization. The domain’s admin contact email address needs to be current and working, without spam filters which might stop you receiving the message. If you are not sure what your domain’s current admin contact email address is, you can find it by doing a WHOIS search.

2. Your domain must be ‘un-locked’ at your current registrar. Most registrars use an automatic lock to avoid hijacking so make sure it is un-locked BEFORE requesting a transfer. In many cases all you need do is to login to your account at your current registrar and change your settings. Names for this security feature may vary from registrar to registrar; some popular names are “Registrar Lock” and “Transfer Shield”.

3. The domain you want to transfer must have been registered or renewed more than 60 days ago. If not, then your current registrar will refuse the transfer. Please follow this link if you want to know the reasons for the 60 day domain transfer rule.

4. Is your domain subject to a dispute? If it is, then your current registrar will refuse the transfer.

5. Your domain must be current. Expired domain names cannot be transferred. Also, if your domain is going to expire in the next five or so days your current registrar will likely refuse to agree transfer away.

Finally, do remember this post refers only to .COM and .NET transfers. Follow this link if you need to transfer .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO or .BIZ domain names.