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Jenny asks…

Question about domain ownership.? is my website.

The domain name was purchased through yahoo.
The site is hosted by

I’m very angry with Yahoo right now, because they will not reverse a charge on a feature I did not want (OR EVER use.)
I also found they marked up my domain price to $34 a year!!! They then tried to make it better by giving me the going rate of $9.95!!
I’m sick of dealing with them, and wouldn’t mind going with godaddy, because they are having a “domain transfer” sale, for 6.99

I’m just afraid it’s going to mess with the website, because I don’t know the technicalities of the transference.

Please advise!

admin answers:


The process for transfer >>

1. Get domain authorisation code from your present provider and ask them to unlock the domain if it is locked.
2. Put transfer order with new provider
3. You will get a tranfer request on admin email id of domain ( or are sites which shows admin contact of the domain)
4. Once domain transfer approved by admin email id, it takes 5 Days to move domain to new provider with 1 yr. Renewal.

Remeber during these 5 days, your old provider may send you an email to cancel the transfer.

Your site will not affect during transfer, it will work as it is.

Rest you can ask the company to whom you are moving your domain, they must give you full assistance regarding any confusion you have, by this way you can check their support also.

.com @ 8.99 USD

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