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David asks…

Domain name panic – how do I get it?

A year ago, on March 16 ’05, I asked a web designer colleague to register a domain name for me. He gifted it to me, he was managing it. He was using to host it for free (I think).

Things happened within a year, and I am no longer on speaking terms with this person. I am trying to register my site, but the whois inquiry shows it registered in his name, with expiry on Mar-16-2006.

He FWD’d me a yahoo warning that the account will be finally closed. I know he’s going to do nothing with it. Now I want to know:

a. Will it ever be so that one day I lookup the name, and find “free?” So I can go ahead and get it? When will that day dawn? Why does it keep showing that the site’s registered in his name?
b. Will someone else eat up the website? Nobody will be interested in the domain, btw, unless they already know it. It’s just
c. What should my strategy be? I do have plan B – i.e. an alternative name – but I really love this one.

He will neither keep nor sell nor refresh the name, but simply let it be expired. I could ask him for it, except that we are not on talking terms, and I do not want to go through him to get my domain back.

My main concern is to make sure I get the domain and that his neglect does not make it impossible somehow. I want to know when will his neglect result in the domain name being freed up, so I can take it back the same day? and whether it’s possible that the domain will get locked up or something b/c he’s taking no action?

I have little idea abt domain registration, and I don’t understand who grabs and parks stuff and how it’s done.

admin answers:

Here is the story…
Your colleague has entered his personal data as the official registrar of the domain name during the registration process the last year
if he used his credit card to pay, then you can’t prove the domain name is yours.
If he used your credit card to pay the fees, then you can claim that you own the domain (in case of a legal dispute)
I assume that your colleague is not interested in renewing the registration
the domain name expires at March 16, 2006
usually there is a duration of 1 month or so given as a final chance for the official registrar to renew the domain, after that the domain name becomes free for anyone to register it again
now you have 2 options….
1- to check the domain status every few days and register it once it becomes free
2- to BACKORDER the domain so that you get email alert once the domain becomes free
backordering is not a guarantee that you will get it, because others might be backordering it as well
you can do backordering through the link or the link
personally I use GODADDY service to manage my domains
if you want to avoid the risk of losing the name for a third person, you can contact your colleague and ask him to transfer domain ownership to you then you can renew it before it expires and you will be the new owner in whois database
I hope this is enough for you to decide
if you need more info please feel free to contact me through email, you can do that by clicking on my thumbnail image beside my answer
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