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David asks…

Parked domains (Info + Trademarks)?

If I have a legally trademarked word, and I find that it is registered — unused, yet parked — already .. is there some type of action I can take to recover that domain or are domains a kind of free for all?

Additionally, is there any site that reviews if a domain has been “newed” before —

I have attempted to look up my domain on alexa, but no “history of past sites” show up to give me a kind of time line — additionally, on , it only shows you when they registered the domain (07) and that it expires (09) — but taking in to consideration that they might potentially renew this domain — what options do I have?

admin answers:

Find out when it expires and hopefully they will not be on top of things and you can snatch it from right under their noses!

See the article below for more info:

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