Free Domain Names At®

How many years has my site at® been giving away free domain names? Good question! But I couldn’t answer, so I made a quick hop over to the WayBackMachine (a real gem of a website incidentally) who told me immediately: February 2001.

Come to think of it, when® started there wasn’t much that was free then as far as domain names were concerned.

But in the last few years things have changed…

At the end of every month we’re giving away free domain name renewals as prizes simply for having your domain names at my registration service 🙂

This month’s free domain names were announced today. If you want to win next month, note that there’s no competition to enroll for because you’re automatically entered as soon as you have one or more domain names registered at my service. Or you can also qualify for free domain renewals if you transfer them over.

I see many sites out there talking about free domain names when what they really mean is an available domain name. Not the same thing!

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