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Helen asks…

The best free SSL certificate generator?

What is the best free SSL certificate generator, both in terms of ease of use and security?

admin answers:

The standard is pretty much OpenSSL, which was created by the OpenBSD (not FreeBSD) team. Those guys are incredible security zealots. OpenBSD has only had two security flaws in over ten years–I double-dog dare you to name another networked operating system with that kind of track record. A funny story: Linus Torvalds (who I think is an a-hole for several reasons–despite his OS being awesome) once criticized the OpenBSD team. He said: “I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys, in that they make such a big deal about concentrating on security to the point where they pretty much admit that nothing else matters to them.”

Anyway, I hope you know that any SSL certificate that you generate yourself will always throw up a warning. If you don’t want people to see a warning message that the certificate may be false, then you need to purchase a certificate from a universally trusted third party, such as VeriSign or GoDaddy.

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Ssl Certificates Tutorial – Your Questions…


David asks…

Help!!! web site design/shopping Cart etc etc?

I am going crazy. I never thought it would be this hard
I’m trying to build a website with a shopping cart
so far I have my domain and hosting, I have started building a site with rvsitebuilder from Cpanel. It’s not on the internet yet Im still working on it.
I am stuck on this FTP stuff with filezilla. but the main thing at the moment is the shopping cart. I downloaded Cube cart and I am trying to change the skin/template. I want it look a bit like my site Aqua. I have looked on the net and read heaps of tutorials and i just don’t understand. I really need someone to walk me through it .
other things I don’t understand is do I need a ssL certificate?how do I get one and do I need “veri sign”. Basically what do I need to use pay pal for excepting credit cards securely? I am really sorry to who ever reads this for my lack of knowledge. I am going crazy and feel quite stupid.
Thank you for your help

admin answers:

SSL: In order for SSL to work, you need to get your site certificate signed. The certificate is basically a digital document declaring your identity. The certificate needs to be signed by a certificate authority (CA) who verifies you are who you say you are.

Verisign is a CA, and they can sign your certificate for a fee.

PayPal: They can accept cc orders, but you need to sign up for a business account, and merchant account. Https://

Their fee will be a percentage of the transaction amount. The rate is listed on the website I linked to.

As far as everything else, I can help you. Get my IM by viewing my YA profile, contact me, and I will get you my real email. We’ll discuss your situation, and post the results here for others to reference. It’s why this site is here anyway. 🙂

Hope this helps!

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