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Maria asks…

Trouble with domain name transfer. Can anyone help?

Can somebody help me?

I have just tried to transfer my domain name from (nightmare company) to
I have payed the transfer fee on uk-cheapest and changed the IPSTAG to moonfruit’s.
Then I payed moonfruit their transfer fee too, but then when I log into moonfruit it says ‘transfer pending – please change the IPSTAG on your current domain site’.
But I already have, and when I went back to try again, uk-cheapest take me through to their payment page again, but I have already payed!!!

I have emailed uk-cheapest dozens of time but no reply (no change there), plus I am getting no help from moonfruit. I have read through all the Q+A’s on both websites, but no luck.
Plus I am getting no confirmation emails through at either end, only one from uk-cheapest saying my payment was successful.

Can someone help me??

Thank you
Thanks David, unfortunately neither site has a telephone number…ridiculous. I guess i’ll just have to wait it out with crossed fingers!

admin answers:

If you have already changed the IPSTAG then I would highly recommend getting in touch with uk-cheapest because it may be taking a little time for their system to update. You shouldn’t have had to pay to change the IPSTAG on your domain at uk-cheapest however it is normal to pay for a transfer in at moonfruit.

The best course of action is to try and find a telephone number for both parties (uk-cheapest first) because it would be much quicker than waiting for a response via email.

Hope this helps!

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