How to Avoid Domain Name Hijacking

Domain name hijacking is in the news again.

Recently the domain name Panix, belonging to one of New York’s oldest ISPs, was hijacked from to Australian registrar Melbourne IT without the domain owners authorization.

Domain hijacking is when someone transfers your domain name to another registrar without your approval. These fraudulent transfers are done in an attempt to gain ownership of your domain.

If you want to ensure this can’t happen to your domains you should find a domain registration service offering an extra security layer. This usually involves a domain “lock” feature with its own password protection over and above the usual password required to access your domain name account. offers the TransferShield™ service in partnership with ICANN accredited registrar Innerwise Inc.. When TransferShield™ is active, hijacking a domain is as good as impossible. You only need to remove the TransferShield™ from your domains if you want to transfer to another ICANN accredited registrar or if you sell your domain name. The TransferShield™ Service is FREE, and is included with all domain registrations at

This extra security makes unauthorized transfer requests virtually impossible so your domain names won’t get hijacked.