Private Domain Registration – Your Questions…

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Steven asks…

What are some disadvantages of private domain registration?

private registration as in hiding your site’s info from the whois database.
blamay22000, that’s what i thought too.

admin answers:

Well, this is purely my opinion. But thru my eyes if I do a whois lookup on a domain and see a private registration, it will make me think… What is this company hiding? Now, if this is a personal website, you can hide this no big deal. Also, if someone is interested in purchasing your domain, contacting you may be a little bit harder to do. The upside is that SPAM harvesting software wont be able to do a whois and get the contact address, and those dumb over-priced registrars wont send mail to you that looks like a bill, when it is not. But in the end, its not worth the extra fee to me to hide that information… So unless your reasons for wanting private registrations are strong, you may want to just go with regular registration.

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