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Lisa asks…

Is a legitimate company? Has anyone ever bought anything from there?

I have researched this site via, mcafee site advisor, biz rate, white pages, etc. and have found very little information on it or any customer reviews / testimonials. The website seems to be safe and has a GeoTrust SSL certificate, but I still find it odd that when I google the contact info from the site, links from appears. The layout of the site is slightly different but the “company profile” as well as other text seem to be EXACT to the wording from I find it fishy that is linked to this other site that sells sexual products. Why would the company need 2 different sites? Is it just the same company that has a different website for its more discrete products? I would like to buy some organic herbs from take herb . com but am now skeptical on its legitimacy. I really would appreciate it if anyone could tell me more about this company and if its legitimate…or if they have ever purchased something from this online business.

Sorry if I sound a little paranoid, but with the economy lately, you never know. I don’t want to get scammed so any information you may have about this company would be great! Please help!

admin answers:

Check with the Federal Trade Commission to see if there are any complaints.

Simply google…FTC and the company name.
Also, see if the company uses the GMP seal….Good Manufacturing Processes—if it does not use the GMP seal, suggest is not to buy
GMP signifies standards commonly accepted among …companies.

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