Why should I keep my domain name registered?

If you lose your domain name you can lose your whole online identity. Because you can only register a domain name for a year or so, you will need to make sure that you renew it before the expiry date. Once your domain name expires you will no longer own that domain name. Your Registrar will then own it and be able to sell your domain name to the highest bidder. To make sure you don’t lose your domain name you will need to make sure you renew it at least two weeks before it expires.

Also make sure that your information is registered properly, especially if you didn’t register your domain name yourself. Ensure that your information is displayed as the registrant, administrative and billing contacts. Most importantly, make sure that the email addresses for these contacts are ACTIVE.

When you receive any information about your domain name, such as renewal reminders, price changes, etc… an email will be sent to this email address. If you can’t receive any mail to the email addresses listed under the domain names contact then you are at risk of not receiving important notifications about your domain names, which could result in losing your domain name.

People often miss the importance of having their own unique domain name for their web sites. A domain name represents you, your company and your online presence; as does a ‘business card’. If you don’t have your own domain name you won’t be able to promote your own online identity and web site on the Web.

Domain Name Ownership Transfer – Your Questions…

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Maria asks…

Buying a domain name from a reseller.. need advice?

How can I be sure he will transfer ownership?
How long will the domain name be mine?
Can I extend the ownership of the domain in future if I wish?
Any other advice?

admin answers:

You really did not give much information to work with. If you are talking about one of those resellers who buys names from the registrar so they can make a profit then…

Use a credit card to make the purchase. This way if there is no transfer, you can dispute any charges.
The domain name is yours permanently as long as you pay the yearly fees to the domain name registrar, and this should not be the reseller unless there is some strange contract.

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