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John asks…

I just registered a domain name and part of it is copyrighted, can I be sued if I turn it into a business?


My first question on Yahoo! I just registered a new domain name for an entrepreneurial business idea I have. Lets say my new business name is NorthStarBoots (a hiking boot company) and it was available to register as a domain name (so I did). Upon doing a google search, I discovered someone had already registered and copywrited (they are a GPS navigation company). They have nothing to do with hiking boots. So, lets say in 5 years my company NorthStarBoots has grown into a multimillion dollar operation. QUESTION: Can come after me because I am using their name as the “first part” of my company’s name? Of course, the product and services offered are very different – I’m just using “NorthStar” in my co.’s name

If you have any good links to ask this same question – I’d be grateful. Intellectual property…



p.s. The above co. names I made up to ask the question.

admin answers:

As for as domain is concerns any domain which is available you can register and run your own net based business on that domain name do body can claim it.

If you register your company with and take the legal copyrights. I dint think there is a problem. You can not run your business as northstar as it is already registered with other user right. If you are running a business like northstarboots then the complete business name will be taken in consideration.

Further it is not good practise to run your business with a different business name. As for domain marketing you have to register in diff rent search engines and SEO (search engine optimisation) so when different people will search your company name or some keywords…this will cause you problem. For market ting. Better to find the domain name suitable to your business.


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