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James asks…

What domain name I should choose for my website?

I have developed a website with some directories & databases plus some web + internet tools and some entertainment stuff. Some of the categories of this website are:

1. Search (web, images, videos, books, dir, e-bay, Amazon, kids, news, etc)

2. Web Hosts Directories

3. World Universities Directories

4. World Hotels Directories

5. World Virtual Tour

6. Sports Database

7. Movies DB

8. Celebrities DB

9. Books DB (Books Directories with rankings & reviews)

10. Software DB (woth ranking & reviews)

11. Wallpapers

12. SMS Collection

13. DBs of Mobile, Computers, Cars

14. Free Scripts & Templates

15. Webmasters tools (web analysis, enhancement & promotional tools)

16. Products Ranking & reviews

17. Banks DB

18. TV Channels

19. Online classifieds

and some other things like that…
The target market of this website i whole world, all age groups of any professions either webmasters, internet marketers, students, designers, educators, or whatsoever….
I want to register .COM domain name for this website.
Suggest me a GOOD domain name for it.
GOOD means:
a) related to contents
b) looks professional
c) attractive for target market
d) not too long
e) easy to read and pronounce.

I am waiting for your suggestion. If any suggested domain name is accepted by me for registration, If will put the name & homepage link of the person who suggested it, on my website.
Go Suggest and be appreciated.

admin answers:

Choosing a Domain Name:

Choosing a good domain name for your website can be tough. However, with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can find a great domain name for your site today. This article gets you started!

Read the full article here:


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