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Carol asks…

Is it possible to get a free web site?

I have used Go Daddy for 3-4 years. I use their web page builder, Have a private registration. I own my own domain. And my web site consists of 5 pages. Disk space limit is 50MB. And band with is1GB (I am barely using 23 MB of it)
have 1 email acct.
To renew again for another year and keep everything the same, is about $75 per year ($10 renewal of domain, $9 private registration, $53.88 web site builder & 5 pages)

Anyways, I have a retail store and we are going out of business soon. The website was never set up for eCommerce. All transactions were always done in person at our business.

Money is really tight now but I still want to keep a website with the same .com domain; just like with what I had with Godaddy, BUT maybe only 2-3 pages. And pay maybe only $3 or less a month or even FREE. Does such a thing actually exist.

I dont know a whole lot about this so the simpler the better.
I thank you in advance
Please keep in mind that I dont want a subdomain name. I want to keep my full name (for example:

admin answers:

This site has those same stats and is free.

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