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John asks…

Do I use SSL certificate within my main domain (https:/ Please see details below. thanks?

Many advised that using SSL certificate is better than using within main domain. Please explain me that why do I use SSL in a subdomain ( Using within my main domain (https:/ is not better? my site is a blog. it has login, commenting/guest book and an ebook sales page. they are only need https://. Using SSL with whole site ( makes any speed/performance/other issues? pls explain or provide related links. thanks in advance.

admin answers:

You should only use the SSL on pages that provide access to “sensitive” data. So in your case, you should definitely use it for the login section and sections that interact with financial data.

If you apply SSL to all pages (, you’ll be wasting a lot of bandwidth and system resources. The server and client browser will unnecessarily encrypt a lot of non-confidential information (makes up 90% of most sites). For example, if your website has a “About This Company” page that is just static text without “secret” information, encrypting data via SSL ( will just be a waste. And if your site has MILLIONS of pageviews in a month, you’re going to kill your server.

If most of your pages does not contain sensitive data, then you should selectively apply the ssl.

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