Domain Name Ownership – Your Questions…


Linda asks…

How do I transfer ownership of a domain name? I’ve never had to do this before.?

I have a domain name that I no longer use, but that I feel might be of use to someone. I’m planning to offer it for sale on Ebay.
If it sells, and once I’ve recieved payment, how do I transfer ownership of the domain?

Also, I have the domain pointing to a hosting package with a company called Redstation.
Do I include the remaining few months of hosting in with the deal?

admin answers:

Nominet are responsible for the UK domains, so you fill out a Transfer of Domain Name Registration form (link below), then post it along with a cheque (£10+vat), made payable to Nominet.
The new owner fills in the rest of the form & posts it on to Nominet.
Moving hosting can cost the new owner quite a few quid, so they may as well use the current host as long as its suitable.

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