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Laura asks…

Domain Name transfer to Yahoo help?

So, if I transfer my domain to yahoo….will my website have the same design? also, am I able to keep that design using yahoo hosting?

admin answers:

If your web pages are self contained then nothing will change when you change hosts. By self contained I mean that you do not use any extras supplied by the host such as forums, guest books, page generators, etc.

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Web Hosting – Your Questions…


Laura asks…

Web Hosting?

Hey i have a question on web hosting
question: is there any web hosting website where i can host my files and other users can download it or do whatever they want to do, but the URL or the link to the files always remains the same. No rapidshare and that kind of stuff. Some nice decent servcie with security.

admin answers:

Consider a hosting company that will give you…

(1) anonymous FTP users

(2) the ability to create multiple FTP user accounts, and designate the maximum space for each (with either shared or separate folders)

(3) possibly different accounts with a limit on bandwidth to keep users from dragging down your whole hosting account. Typically you do this by signing up as a “reseller”, which typically gives you access to a utility called Web Hosting Manager (WHM)

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