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David asks…

Can anyone explain SSL certificates to me?

Hi, i recently took a hosting account which allows me to create re-sellers. I noticed that I can create SSL certificates, but also noticed that these can be costly if you want to buy one, however i can just create them in my hosting panel. So i need to know firstly, is this what it appears to be, an actual ssl cert, and also how do i imlement such a certificate? Any other knowledge of them would be handy!
You may see this question twice because YA tends to post my Q’s twice, apologies!

admin answers:

SSL certificate means Secure Sockets Layer certificate. It is used to make secure communication between the web server on which your site is hosted and the visitor’s browser. Both the things will transfer the data in encrypted format so that hackers will not steal the data.

After installing the SSL certificate, your site will work on https protocol. That means https://…….. Basically it use http://……….. While accessing your site. It mostly use full if you host any confidential site or any payment gateway site.

Just check the link of login page of yahoo, they also use https.

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