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Ken asks…

domain name stolen by hosting company?

I paid for a domain name & hosting, and I prepaid annually. It was fine since 2002

Last fall new company bought out old company and didn’t tell anyone. They didn’t send out rewal notices. My two sites were shut down. I contacted them REPEATEDLY and they don’t reply. The few times they did write back theyd “look into it” and it’s still not fixed.

Turns out the original company put the ownership and all the control in THEIR name even know I paid for the name. New company locked it so I can’t alter or move my name.

I contacted the upper level reseller, godaddy.com, for help. They had me fill out forms, which I did; no reply back. I filed a Reqest for Change last November for both of them formally including sending my photo ID and proof I was paying for the name; no reply. ICANN won’t help me.

Right now my site is gone. They put some junky search page up.

The site isn’t worth a fortune so I can’t hire lawyers, but it’s basically my real NAME. It’s important to me


admin answers:

1st off, GoDaddy sucks a lot. All I ever hear about are problems with their services. Try using Yahoo! Domains next time because they give great service, as I have two domains with them right now.

Other then that, to get your site back, you can use http://www.networksolutions.com/whois to find out who the contact person is and see they’ll do anything, but you probably heading up creek without a paddle in a leaky boat – Get my meaning??? SOL.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

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