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Donna asks…

Need to build a web site that can have pictures that show my items.?

I currently use GoDaddy = I have a 5-page website, private registration, I own my domain, and I use their simple web site builder. They host it for me too. Although I am pretty much content with them and their price ($70 per year), I would like a change…. I want 5 pages But what I need is a better website that I can display pictures better.

I have a local store and want to list pictures of my stuff in categories with easy drop down menu.
For example, I want to be able to have one of the pages have an option that lets people see a list such as pottery, chairs, tables, decors, etc. Then they can click on on one of those choices and it will take them to another page that shows them the item they chose and info on it. I dont get that option with the Godaddy website that I use. What I have with them is a photo page that can show pictures of anything I want, but it does not have the option for a drop down menu- and in order for persons to find a specific item, they must look at all the pictures by clicking “next”….A waste of time if a person is only looking for a vase (for example).

I do want to stay in the same price range of $70 or so per year with all the things I mentioned above that I already have . I want to keep my domain name as well, except the photo page thing. Any ideas??? and it must be easy for a novice as i am with an easy website builder and templates.

admin answers:

There’s nothing wrong with your host. You just came to a point where you’ve outgrown their simple web site builder capabilities and you need a custom solution for your site. Switching hosts won’t change this.

Some of the solutions:

1. Learn some HTML and customize your website.
2. Get some friend to do it for you.
3. Hire someone at:
to do it.

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