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Lisa asks…

who is and on mac how to get privacy of my website/where to buy domain and host?


I am trying to build a website. I use a macbook

I want to register something like and a, and just use the address as my website, and if anyone types my address as .com they get redirected to or even just have an error page as I think that will be free as no hosting?? If you could clarify this for me i’d be grateful.

I noticed that for you cannot have whois privacy.(at least on the websites I looked on) This is my main reason for posting today, as I want my details kept private for both websites, and I want hosting for

I am using iWeb to put my site together and I from what I understand I don’t have to use .mac so I have to use a host with FTP.

Anyone know any good ones to use? I’d rather buy domain and get hosting from same company instead of 2 different ones.
I have had a look around and don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

admin answers:

1&1 has always been a good place to buy domains for me. As for hosting, I’m using MediaTemple.


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