Your Questions About Domain Name Registration History

Laura asks…

Reputable Non-US Private Domain Registration?

I need to register a domain name, but anonymity is critical. This domain would be used to help gather a critical mass to block a major corporate merger. I want to register the domain with an entity that 1) is not in the US, 2) has a documented history of saying “no” when a request comes in to reveal the registrant and 3) could host the site. I don’t want anything in the US. For example, I don’t want Domains By Proxy–they’re US and have a reputation for caving in under only minor pressure.

admin answers:

Okay, there is a news article at that talks about how hackers are using domains from Iran that can not be penetrated. I really do not understand your question though, what is the bad about being tracked. You are willing to go head to toe, only if you can not be identified? That in itself sounds shadier than the corporate merger you are trying to block! You can also try which will not reveal your info. Merry Christmas and I hope this helps

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