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Laura asks…

How do I know if I can trust an online store?

I want to buy sunglasses online. I have found this website to offer good prices and services. But I do not know if I can trust them(I don’t need to provide them with credit card info directly)

There is no SSL certificate, seal etc. I cannot find their name in Google Checkout shops and there is no review about them anywhere on the Web.

admin answers:

Put in the exact upc number into they have a $ back guarantee. If the seller rips you off amazon steps in like a “SUPER HERO” and refunds your 100% even if their is a error and you end up getting the item and amazon refunds you and you get the item for free amazon never seems to mind.
So weather or not you get the item you always get your $ back.. Thats the amazon promises!
From my point of view amazon treats you like your family! They have never done me wrong.
They always fixed any problems I had with a order. And their payment policy is they only charge your credit card/gift card balance During your order being “Shipped” as your credit card is “Pending” the charges if the item does not ship amazon does not confirm the charge. And the Pending transaction magically disappears. Why is that? If they don’t ship the item YOU DON’T PAY! Thats the amazon promises! 🙂 So ebay and all the other websites out their will never have my attention. Because none of them handle business this way. And any order on amazon over $25.00 is FREE shipping! 🙂

so their you go 🙂 check out is fast to! 3 clicks and you can buy something as amazon will memorize your info for you. Its great! Very easy to adjust payment methods. Makes ebay look like a childs play toy. I quit my ebay and paypal accounts and stuck with amazon as it has impressed me! (and im not easy to impress) also the products have reviews under them to.. So your not guessing if its a good item.

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