Icann Domain Names – Your Questions…


Donna asks…

If you owned a domain name of a celebrity’s name and he/she wanted the rights to it and asked you what…?

…he/she could give you in return for ownership of the domain name, what would you ask for?

I simply wanted to create a fan site, and didn’t buy the domain name to sell it for money and still don’t. But my work schedule is getting crazy, and I may not have time to maintain/update it for much longer. What would you guys ask for?

BTW, before some of you go off on the legality of it all…it IS perfectly legal for a person to own the domain of a celebrity’s name as long as he/she didn’t purchase it for financial gain, or uses in bad faith of any kind, or doesn’t have some legitimate interest in using the domain name (a fan site IS a legitimate interest).

Visit http://www.icann.org/dndr/udrp/policy.htm for more info on that.

admin answers:

I know you said you “didn’t buy the domain name to sell it for money and still don’t”, but no matter what package the deal comes in, it’s still about money. If you ask for tickets to a concert, a pass for a movie premiere, a chance to meet them, etc., that still comes down to money. Either they’re spending money to get you something material, or they’re spending their time, which is just as valuable and costly.

Of course, if you’re more altruistic, you could ask them to volunteer some of their time to help your favorite charitable organization (e.g., literacy programs, feeding the homeless, etc.). Yes, time is still money, but at least it would serve a greater purpose.

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