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Mary asks…

Young writers who want to publish: have you read this yet?

This is 10 myths about copyrights that many uninformed young writers tends to assumed:

Some important points from the article:
* These days, almost all things are copyrighted the moment they are written, and no copyright notice is required.
* Copyright is still violated whether you charged money or not, only damages are affected by that.
* Postings to the net are not granted to the public domain, and don’t grant you any permission to do further copying except perhaps the sort of copying the poster might have expected in the ordinary flow of the net.
* Fair use is a complex doctrine meant to allow certain valuable social purposes. Ask yourself why you are republishing what you are posting and why you couldn’t have just rewritten it in your own words.
* Copyright is not lost because you don’t defend it; that’s a concept from trademark law. The ownership of names is also from trademark law, so don’t say somebody has a name copyrighted.
* Fan fiction and other work derived from copyrighted works is a copyright violation.
* Don’t rationalize that you are helping the copyright holder; often it’s not that hard to ask permission.

I have seen many young writers asking questions about copyrights, that is why I am posting this for you guys. Hope this help you.
If no one mind, ignore the grammar errors in the question…I am sleepy…
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