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Carol asks…

Opt-out of WHOIS?

Heh, i’m not paranoid, much. ūüėõ

I have a domain and a few weeks ago I opted out of the WHOIS database, so my address is now not displayed in a WHOIS lookup.

I’m worried that there might still be a way for a public user to obtain my address through this service, or by another which might reveal it.

Would this be possible, as my previously recorded address could be on file? Or would my address be completely eradicated from the database never to be seen again?

Thank you :o)

admin answers:

When you register a domain name, there is an option for a small extra fee to get a “Private Registration’. What this means is that when someone looks up your domain name , all that they will see is the name of your registrar and not you. The last time I registered a domain name through Godaddy, this service cost an extra $4 pa. So I suggest you go back to wherever you bought your domain name and see if this is an option.
Regards, Zyfert

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