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Carol asks…

Do you know of any good web hosting companies?

I’m looking for a web hosting company to host my business website. I’d like to conduct some e-commerce and also to be able to set up a content management system on my site. Do you know of any good web hosting companies that could accomodate someone with needing these features?

admin answers:

I recommend Dreamhost http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html

They’re the best:

1. You get a free domain from them (actually 2 if you use the promo code, more about that later)
2. They have 500 GB of Disk Space and increasing weekly
3. 5TB (5000 GB) of Bandwidth and increasing weekly
4. You can use their huge Disk Space and host multiple sites on a single account.
5. Their standard price is $119.40/year ($9.95/month if you pay yearly)
but you can use the Promo Code: PLUS (at sign up page) and get the $50 discount + 2 Free Domain Names
6. This way you get them for $69.40/year ($5.78/month)

P.S. They have OneClick Install so you can install a bunch of software like WordPress, Joomla either totally automatically, or using advanced setup, or you can even install manually whatever CMS you want.

P.S. If you’re willing to pay $20+/monthly for a webhost I recommend:

1. Http://www.mediatemple.com
2. Http://www.slicehost.com

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