Are Free Domain Services At Godaddy The Best Deal?

I see domain registrar recently updated their pages. When you register or transfer a domain with them, you now also get all these FREE services in addition to their ridiculously low prices

* Free professionally designed starter Web page you can customize with your own text, graphics and links.

* Free “parked” or “Domain For Sale” page.

* Free URL/domain name forwarding and masking allows you to redirect web visitors to an existing web site. Masking means that visitors won’t see the real web address in their browser – only the domain name they type in. This is particularly useful when you have a free hosting account and want YOUR domain name to appear instead.

* Free email forwarding for up to 100 variations on your basic email address.

* Full DNS control allows you to manage your domain name server (DNS) records, set your email, FTP, sub-directories, web site location, etc…

* Free change of ownership allows you to assign your domain to another registrant (owner) for most TLDs. Some other registrars charge up to $100 for this service.

* Track the status of any other domain name. GoDaddy will monitor an existing domain name for you and alert you by email of any status change. This can be very useful if you are looking to register a domain coming close to expiry.

* Free domain locking adds extra security to prevent anyone from hijacking your domain or making other changes to your domain’s WHOIS information.

Most other registrars charge extra for these services but currently they’re all free with every domain you register or transfer to GoDaddy.

And with prices for registering a domain currently as low as $5.95 well, what are you waiting for?