Google dabbling with Domain Registration?

Google has been an ICANN accredited domain name registrar for well over a year or so, but it is only now that the Big G is starting to offer domain names to its customers.

And rather than selling them ‘direct’, they’ve decided to use another registrar eNom to help them! Read more…

Google to offer domain registration – Dec 18, 2006
Google expanded its Google Apps for Your Domain service to include domain registration. The new service was made possible through a partnership with eNom

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How To Avoid Having Your Domain Hijacked

A few days ago I posted an item about how domain “slammers” go about their fraudulent business and what you can do stop them hijacking your domains.

In that post I included an outfit called “Domain Registry of America” (DROA). At the time DROA was taken to court it was a domain name reseller partnered with ICANN registrar

Since then DROA has not died. On the contrary, despite their domain slamming history, they have somehow been able to obtain top-level official approval. So DROA is now an ICANN accredited domain name registrar operating under the name: Brandon Grey Internet Services –

But have their dubious practices changed?

According to another ICANN Registrar: “You are correct in that NameJuice is the ICANN accredited DROA. I can’t count the amount of times we complained to ICANN, and they honestly don’t seem to have done much, if anything.”

Other outfits recently accused of domain slamming include these web sites:
Both of these forward to:

Check out my tips if you want to avoid falling into the domain slammers’ trap.