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Thomas asks…

How do I configure my Yahoo Business email account on an Android phone?

On my PC, whenever I log into my Yahoo account, I see both my Yahoo.com and my ccice.org accounts under the “Mail Accounts” section, and I can see Inbox from either of these accounts by clicking on it. However, I do not see the ccice.org account when I open the Yahoo email app on my phone. I have downloaded the Yahoo email Android App on my phone, so my Yahoo email is working just fine minus the ccice.org account not showing up. I tried configuring the ccice.org account as a POP account using the Android mail app, but that does not work either. Please let me know what I need to do to see emails from this Yahoo Business email account (ccice.org). Thank you.
Thank you, RSJ.

You are able to configure it with the stock mail app? How did you do it? I was not able to get that to work.

admin answers:

I have the same issue, I use multiple business email accounts through Yahoo, but as far as I can tell the Yahoo app for Android only supports your main Yahoo account and doesn’t include the others. As of now, I have used either the stock mail app or K-9 mail. Unfortunately both have their faults, but at least it’s a way to check it.

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